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How You Can Inspect A Shingle Roof For Problems

If you have a shingle roof, you will want to inspect it periodically. If you examine your roof once a year, you should be able to catch small problems before they become a major issue.

While preventative maintenance can be very helpful, you want to make sure that you handle roof inspection the right way. Follow these tips so that you can keep your roof in excellent condition.

1. Inspect Your Roof On The Right Day

A lot of people want to inspect their roofs immediately after bad weather. People often worry that their roofs may have been damaged in the storm.

While it is true that storms can cause damage, you don’t want to look at your roof after inclement weather. You need your roof to be dry when you’re walking up there.

Look at your roof on a warm, sunny day. If there has been a lot of rain recently, wait a few days before you examine your roof.

2. Make Sure You Have Help

You should never examine your roof on your own. If something goes wrong, you want to make sure that you can get help.

Have someone join you as you inspect the roof. They don’t have to get on the roof with you; they can stay on the ground. Have them assist you as you work to check your roof.

3. Look For Loose Or Damaged Shingles

Once you’re up on your roof, there are two main things you will want to look for. You will want to find shingles that are loose or missing, and you’ll want to find shingles that are damaged.

If a shingle is missing, it will need to be replaced. Missing shingles can lead to leaks and other problems.

If your shingles are starting to curl and buckle, these shingles may be in need of repair. If you get them taken care of early on, you will be able to avoid larger problems.

4. Pay Attention To The Roof’s Integrity

While your main focus should be the shingles on the roof, you should also pay attention to the way the roof feels when you walk on it. If your roof feels softer than usual, it may be in bad shape.

5. Call And Get More Help

If you spot issues with your roof, don’t feel as though you need to handle them on your own. Instead, you should call an experienced roofing contractor and ask them to help you out.

In some cases, you won’t find any issues when you inspect your roof. In other cases, you’ll find a number of problems. If your roof does have issues, you’ll want to get assistance as soon as you can.

The sooner you get roofing problems taken care of, the better off you will be. Make sure you inspect your shingle roof on a yearly basis. That way, you will be able to keep your roof in excellent condition for years. Many common roofing problems are easy to take care of.

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