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How Much Will A New Roof Cost


florence sc roofingIf the roof on your home is beyond repair and you need a new roof then you may have to ask your local roofing contractor to give you an estimate to replace the worn-out roof. Naturally, you will want to ask how much will a new roof cost? The cost of replacing the roof will depend on the type of material you decide to re-roof the house with. If you are skilled and you have the roofing tools needed to do the job then you could consider re-roofing the building yourself. If not you will have to contact a qualified roofer to carry out the work.

Why Contact A Roofing Contractor for Roofing Prices?

The price of a new roof will vary and will depend on the overall size of the building and the complexity of the construction. If you are unsure of the basic roofing process and unfamiliar with the roofing terms used then do some online research. People who want to learn more about the cost of new roofs should look at a homeowner’s guide to purchasing a new roof. The roofing company that inspects your old roof may find that the frames are rotted or damaged, hence the cost of your new roof could be more than initially thought.

How much will a New Roof Cost?

If you are trying to calculate the cost of a new roof then you are going to have to look at the job from all angles. Initially, you will have to decide which type of material to use and you will need to bear in mind that some roofing materials cost far more than others. The price of the new roof will also depend on the size and location of your home. Your roofer will be able to help you with all of this.

The Different Types of Roof Material

. Tile and slate
. Clay or Concrete
. Built-up roofing
. Metal roofing
. Wood shingle or Shakes
. Composition Shingles
. Metal, fiberglass or PVC sheets

Use a Free Online roofing Calculator to Estimate Your Roofing Costs

A roofing calculator is a free online tool that will give you a ballpark figure for a residential roofing project. It is easy to calculate the approximate cost of roofing your home using this calculator. You can get an instant roof estimate by entering the relevant information. You will need to know the width and length of the new roof, the roofing pitch, the type of roofing material needed the level of roofing difficulties (i.e. Complex, cut-up, or simple gable) and you will be asked whether the old roofing needs to be removed. This is a relatively simple way of getting a free roofing estimate but homeowners should remember that the figure is only estimated.

Some Steps To Take In The Roofing Process

Replacing a roof is a costly job but a new roof should last up to twenty years. Roofing installation costs vary and it will pay you to get at least three estimates from reputable roofing firms. Remember the roof is one of the most expensive remodeling tasks your home will ever undergo. In general roof, replacements are extremely labor-intensive and the materials are costly too, so it is very difficult to give an off the cuff figure for a new roof.

When you have accepted a bid from roofing contractors then work can begin. An averaged sized home may take two to three days to complete. The price accepted for the work should include tearing off the old roofing, removing the debris, and installing the new roof. If the roofing contractor finds hidden problems then there may be extra charges and many householders decide to have the soffits and guttering repaired at the same time.

Is it Worth Investing in a New Roof?

Installing a new roof immediately enhances the appearance of your home and it protects the building in all winds and weathers. A new roof is considered a good investment because it can also increase the value of the dwelling. So if it’s time to replace your roof you really don’t have a choice as to whether to replace it or not. Just make sure you do the proper research and choose a reputable company that doe roofing in Florence Sc.

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