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Process Of Replacing A Roof

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Replacing a roof should be an important part of your household maintenance plan. The roof is exposed to all types of weather so it is just right to give more attention to its maintenance compared to interior re-designs and maintenance. Ideally, roofs should be replaced about every 20 years. However, many homeowners do not feel the need of replacing their roof as long as the roof doesn’t leak. Most homeowners only find the need to replace a roof once a few leaks develop. That is the time they start asking, what is the process of replacing a roof?

Find a roofing contractor

The first thing to consider in roof replacement is finding a good roofing contractor who will do a superior job for you. There are many ways to look for a reputable roofing contractor. You can search the yellow pages, search online or ask for a referral from a trusted person. After finding two to three prospective contractors, schedule an interview to determine if the contractors are qualified and knowledgeable to do the job for you. Check for the required insurance and licensing. Call references and ask about the contractor’s performance, the quality of their work and maybe the estimated charges for roof replacement.

Initial inspection of the existing roof by the roofing contractor

As soon as a roofing contractor is chosen, the next step is for your contractor to inspect your existing roof and the area around your home. Roof measurements are usually taken in preparation for tear-offs and pricing of the job. All components of your roofing system will be inspected. This includes the quality of shingles, roof deck protection, leak barriers, attic ventilation, strip shingles and roof flashing. Missing shingles, worn out slots, nail pops and missing granules will be removed and replaced.

Choose the right roofing materials for your budget and style

Usually, wood shingles deteriorate faster than asphalt shingles. In roof replacement, the shingles need to be removed and a new roof system needs to be installed. There are many types of shingles according to material but the most common is the asphalt-based shingle. It accounts for 85% of re-roofing among residential areas. Other materials commonly used include wood shingles, natural slate, clay tiles and concrete tiles. Metal roofing is sometimes used but is more common among business and industrial establishments.

Choose compatible products to be used in the roofing system

A roof system is not just made of shingles. It involves other components, and each component must be compatible with the other. The whole roof system must be correct when each component is put together. The leak-barrier must be watertight. The underlayment must be strong and breathable. Starter strips must be able to prevent wind and water from entering under the shingles. The shingle cap must be watertight as well. Finally, there must be proper ventilation to the wood decking as well as into your home. This all will prevent future problems with your roof.

Look for the best warranty option

Finding a good roofing contractor is important because quality materials used for each of the roof’s components is useless if installation is not properly done. A long-standing roofing company can best provide a quality re-roofing job while providing warranty for their work done. The best warranty option you can have is the No Dollar Limit (NDL) warranty. The manufacturer pays for material and labor without having the value diminished. Usually, a warranty for a newly installed roof lasts for 20 years.

Sometimes, the best way to do a roofing replacement is to work closely with manufacturers. Most of them have trusted contractors licensed to install their products. Always check for certificates, licenses, and proper insurance. This ensures that you get the best service from your roofing contractor.

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