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Do I Need A New Roof


roofing florence scIf you’re not sure what to look for to know it’s time to get a new roof this article should help. The roof of your home protects you and your family, as well as your whole house from the elements. Just like anything else, your roof requires regular maintenance and care so that it can function well and last longer. Wear and tear are obviously inevitable. Even a seemingly perfect roof will eventually wear out.

There are some obvious signs that you may need a new roof, such as water leaking through several points in your ceiling.  Others may not be so obvious and need a more detailed inspection to diagnose. If you have been asking yourself the question “How Do I Know If I Need A New Roof?”, you need to check out these warning signs that may indicate you need a roof replacement.


When gas or moisture builds up inside a shingle, it may lead to blistering whereby the surface bubbles outwards in places. Conditions that lead to blistering may include debris or leaf buildup, a poorly-ventilated attic, or even natural aging of the roof. In addition, intense sunlight exposure may cause or worsen a blistering problem.

Blistered shingles aren’t necessarily the end of your roof. Provided the blisters remain smaller than a quarter-inch and don’t break open, they shouldn’t affect the longevity of your roof. It’s advisable to regularly check your roof for any signs of blistering and ensure that any existing blisters stay closed.

Buckling And Curling Of Shingles

Shingles that are buckling or curled are also a sign that you may have to replace your roof. If you look at your home’s slopes that have direct sunshine and notice that the shingles are curled or losing granules it may mean the shingles have worn out. Another possibility could be a defective roof.

Algae Buildup

Another thing to watch out for is algae buildup. Thankfully, however, algae growth doesn’t indicate any problem with your roof and that you need new shingles. While algae discolor shingles, resulting in an eyesore, the growth itself cannot damage your roof. This problem usually occurs in humid areas, especially for those who have shake roofs.

Algae is quite easy to control. You can remove most of it by spraying it forcefully using a garden hose. If the growth is so thick, you may need to replace your current shingles with new algae-resistant ones. Another option is to use a weak water and hydrogen peroxide solution to fight persistent algae.


If your home’s roofing is rotting, it should be quite obvious and the problem must be fixed immediately. Rot typically affects wooden shingles, but may also affect asphalt shingles. Rotting can occur if the shingle soaks up too much moisture over time. Of course, rotting shingles usually tend to occur in very wet or humid areas.

If some of the shingles are rotten, the remaining ones could follow soon.  Instead of wasting energy and time replacing several individual shingles and delaying the inevitable, just eat the humble pie and replace all of them.

Spots On Ceiling

If you notice some water spots on the ceiling, call a roofing contractor immediately.  You should know that ceiling spots usually happen over time. There is an underlying problem that has been building up with time.  You should take action immediately to avoid worsening the problem. Call in a roofing contractor immediately.

In summary, it is important that you have a healthy roof over your home. It helps keep you and your household safe. If you notice any of the above signs, you may need to replace your roof entirely or repair it. In most cases, it may be less costly to replace a roof than to repair it. Make sure you contact someone qualified in roofing in Florence SC at the first sign of trouble or concern with your roof. If you catch the problem early you may save yourself some money in the long run.

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